Why Do Cataract Surgeon In Miami And Boca Raton FL Recommend Multifocal IOL?

Aging is a natural phenomenon that cannot be reversed totally. It is possible to improve the faculties though especially the problem of failing eyesight. The prevalence of cataract that dims the vision somewhat occurs when the patient is usually of advanced age. The most effective and quickest solution to this problem is to opt for a surgery by consulting the best cataract surgeon in Miami and Boca Raton FL.

Although the process is likely to make the patient enjoy improved vision once again, most of the elderly individuals need to be fitted with eye glasses in order to read as well as see things at a distance without any trouble whatsoever. That, however, happened in the past. People with newly restored eyesight after a cataract surgery can safely bid good bye to the ungainly spectacles and enjoy viewing the world once again sans the glasses. This has been made possible by the use of a novel IOL device namely the multifocal lens in Miami and Fort Lauderdale FL and beyond.

There are a number of benefits associated with implantation of a multifocal lens although it might take a small period of time to adjust to it fully. An individual might see a distinct shadow having an uncanny resemblance to 3D images. The image gradually decreases once the patient’s brain recognizes the newly implanted lens and adjusts to it. The individual is usually well adjusted by the time one visits the eye surgeon for a follow up after the surgery.

Here are a few details. It is necessary to check them out and be well prepared for the surgery.

What is it?

It is a specialized type of lens that includes multiple power to help the patient focus properly after the cataract surgery. It restores both the distant vision as well as the near vision perfectly without the concerned individual requiring any sort of eye glasses.

Does this work for all patients?

Cataract surgeons usually opt for this type of IOL when the patient is presbyopic i.e. is of advanced years. Elimination of prescription glasses is possible for patients who have no problems with their retina too. They will be able to see as well as a young person with normal eye sight as long as there is sufficient light in the room and the text/image is not too tiny or too far away. The size of the pupil also matters greatly in being able to discard the reading glasses for good.

Can the procedure be limited to a single eye?

It is definitely possible but is not recommended. It is feasible for a patient who already has been fitted with a standard IOL in the other eye or when the other eye has not developed cataract to opt for a multifocal lens implantation in one eye.

While an elderly patient with weak eyes may not be able to eliminate glasses entirely, using multifocal lens will help them to limit their reliance on prescription glasses considerably.


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