Facts About Refractive Lens Exchange In Weston And Miami FL

Being able to see properly is truly a boon. This sense happens to be all important as it allows one to function properly and speedily without hindrance. Unfortunately, losing the capacity is fraught with dangers and imminent as one ages. Statistics reveal that almost 65% of Americans suffer from blurred vision in their senior years due to the development of cataract in one or both the eyes. This leads to a rush for correcting the vision by means of surgery.

The latest option that has resulted in delighting the patients happens to be laser cataract surgery in Miami and Palm Beach FL and elsewhere in the country. It is believed to be most effective for vision correction today. Apart from cataracts a number of individuals suffer from other conditions resulting in poor vision today. Sure, wearing a pair of glasses can temporarily improve the vision but opting for them is akin to bearing with a necessary evil. A simple procedure of Lasik surgery had been in vogue just a few years ago. Unfortunately, it too comes with its share of disadvantages and usually individuals with a limited corneal thickness as well as those advanced in years are not considered to be ideal candidates for the surgery.

Thankfully, there is an excellent alternative now, in the form of refractive lens exchange in Weston and Miami FL that has rapidly gained in popularity. Individuals who cannot opt for the Lasik procedure for a variety of reasons now look forward to gaining independence from wearing ungainly spectacles by opting for the lens exchange procedure. It is regarded to be suitable for correction of all sorts of visual problems including myopia (near sightedness), hypermetropia (far sightedness) as well as astigmatism. Medical professionals find this process to be more effective for patients with presbyopia, often found in middle aged people and other refractive disorders.

However, removal of cataracts in one or both eyes together still remains the most widely used visual surgery today. The techniques have undergone a bit of change with time though and most are delighted with the laser aided procedure now instead of the conventional cataract surgery.

Advantages of laser cataract surgery

  • Accurate- Mapping with the aid of computer and real-time visualization helps the surgeon to place the lens more accurately that shows remarkable improvement of vision post the surgery.

  • No Blades – This surgery is hugely preferred as it is not highly invasive and forgoes the use of conventional blades for making the incision. The procedure involves computer assistance for guidance while making the incision as well as breaking the cataract.

  • Less Cell Loss – The endothelial cells within the cornea are not damaged in any manner whereas there is a 1%-7% chance of loss of these cells when conventional process to remove cataracts is used.

  • Recovery – The time to recover after the surgery is minimal and almost all patients speak of much improved and a clearer vision afterwards. The complications are rare as well.

It is always best to consult an experienced eye surgeon and find out the details of the procedure including the risk factors before opting for it.


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