How To Recover After An Intraocular Lens Surgery In Weston And Miami FL

Being able to see is indeed a boon that needs to be cherished. Unfortunately, most people take their vision for granted and do not think it to be importance until they are advanced in years. Yes! The vision begins to dim with age and often individuals find themselves unable to read or focus on things placed at a distance. This is definitely not a situation for alarm though. The condition can be rectified by visiting an optometrist or an eye specialist who fits the concerned individual with prescription glasses.

Well, there are multiple individuals who experience a problem with both the near as well as the distant vision. This calls for the use of multifocal lens in Weston and Miami FL and elsewhere. It happens to be single lens with multiple functions that allows an individual to see clearly regardless of the distance. Sure, this type of lenses are usually prescribed for aging adults above 40 but many young children also need to use them to correct their focus effectively.

However, simply being fitted with eye glasses is not enough. The aged individual is likely to develop cataracts that tend to blur the vision with age. The best possible way of correcting this condition is definitely opting for an intraocular lens surgery in Weston and Miami FL. This happens to be highly popular and can be completed successfully within a very short time. Complications during or after the surgery are few and far between too. There are, thus find very few people trying to avoid a cataract surgery when necessary.

Recovering from a cataract surgery

An individual is sure to be released after spending a few hours at the eye clinic post the surgical procedure. Sure, life can continue unhindered but it is always best to take a few precautions in order to avoid being discomfited later on.

  • The medical professional is sure to prescribe several eye drops after the surgery that will help to prevent both infection as well as inflammation of the eye. Failing to follow the instructions of the surgeon will be foolhardy and may result in complications.
  • Although there is almost no associated pain after the procedure, most doctors do not fail to prescribe an oral form of pain killer. It is important to take it only if there is pain experienced. Otherwise, the patient will only feel a slight unease and discomfort when the eye is bandaged or covered securely.
  • While the patient is likely to remain healthy with nothing noted that is out of ordinary, doctors advise their patients not to attempt driving a vehicle after the surgical procedure.
  • It is useful to avoid heavy work that involves lifting or carrying huge loads for 7-10 days after a cataract removal surgery.
  • It helps to be cautious about watching every step for a few days after the intraocular lens is inserted as falling or bumping into objects may end up injuring the eye thus resulting in complications.

It is best to visit the concerned eye surgeon and discuss the pros and cons of the procedure before deciding to go ahead with it.


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